Busy Books

Busy Books are fun interactive books made from fabric and felt, full of activities to practice and enhance fine motor skills.

These books are perfect to keep little hands busy during quiet time, while dining out or during those long holiday drives in the car.

Busy books are made to order according to your child's needs and your budget. 

For a full catalogue and to discuss options, please send an email to thelearningtoybox101@gmail.com

Here is an overlook at some of the most popular pages:


FEED THE WHALE - Zip open the whale’s mouth and feed him the fish

RAINBOW WORM -  Match the circles to the matching colour button



SQUARE PUZZLE - Build a square with the shapes (there are various ways to make a square)

 TRIANGLE PUZZLE - Build a big triangle with the small triangles


RAINBOW LACING - Lace the cord through the colourful ribbon loops of the rainbow

SHAPE AND COLOUR MATCHING - Match the shape to the corresponding colour button


RAINBOW LOLLIPOP STICKS - Match the lollipop stick to the correct colour

WATERMELON COUNTING -  Count the number of seeds on each watermelon piece and match it to the number


FINGER PUPPETS - Place the puppets on fingers, role play and make the animals sounds

FEED MY PET - Match the food type to the pet




If you have your own ideas for a busy book that you would like me to make, please contact me so we can discuss them! Here are a few custom designed books that are not in the catalogue: